Gemma Lancaster

Constructing Excellence

I’m Gemma and I am currently a Recruiter that specialises in construction-based hires.

I started my career off as a ‘bouncer’ and along the way I became a forklift driver, labourer, plant driver (diggers and dumpers), construction sales specialist and now recruitment, whilst also training for my HR Consultancy Degree.

In my early career, it became I was quite unusual for the time, to be a female in such male-dominated environments. At heart I loved smashing the preconceptions that women didn’t belong in this sector and proving that we deserve a spot at the table. Fast forward to the present day and I realise that doing this isn’t enough anymore- I need to find a way to open the door to ALL diversity, hence recruitment.

I’m glad to say so far this has been a great SUCCESS! I am now a long-standing member of our Diversity and Inclusion Board and a lead for our ACE network (Awareness for Cultures and Ethnicities). The work goes on but with the same goal as it always has been ‘We are here, we belong here and I’m going to prove it’.

Three Reasons Why This Individual Should Win:
  1. Awarded as one of the top 100 Most Influential Woman in Construction.
  2. ACE Network lead (Awareness of Cultures and Ethnicities).
  3. National Federation of Builders Ambassador.