Future of benchmarking and data in the Construction Industry – workshop report

Constructing Excellence

Constructing ExcellenceConstructing Excellence ran a workshop for members on September 8th, 2017 which provided some insightful feedback on the industry’s perspective on benchmarking and CE’s role in this area.

You will be aware of Constructing Excellence’s track record on benchmarking stretching back nearly 20 years to the establishment of the Construction Industry KPIs. Under the new vision to be set out by our new co-Chairmanship we will have a fresh focus on making Constructing Excellence a platform for data driven performance improvement in the construction industry.

With that in mind, we held an event at Turner & Townsend, One New Change, London which brought together members of CE to discuss current and future ideas around benchmarking and data in the construction industry. This helped us to inform and discuss as we develop a new suite of benchmarking products and services with the backing of BRE.


Constructing ExcellenceComparing different companies is hard when a variety of tools and measures are used, therefore alignment in this area would be beneficial for companies and the industry. The purpose of performance measurement is to drive continuous performance by gaining insight in a consistent way. The workshop helped to understand the importance, the purpose and the role CE have, to standardise methods of measurement.

Discussions on the day included what is currently being measured, the purpose of measurement, why it is so important, whether CE is a suitable supplier for a benchmarking tool and many more.

What’s our role?

Constructing ExcellenceWe then discussed that CE is still currently promoting the original Constructing Excellence KPIs (economic, environmental, Respect for People) and has a group looking at how to measure social value.

The role for CE is to set definitions and protocols and to endorse good measures where they already exist.

CE/BRE would be a suitable supplier for a performance measurement/benchmarking tool if:

– Anonymised

– Clients and contractors agree on measures and delivery method

More information

We will continue to consult our members and the industry as we develop our plans.

You can download our infographic summary of the event below here


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