Fire – BIM – Fire Performance Diagnostic Software

Constructing Excellence

Our Fire-BIM software aims to create an intelligent innovative system as a BIM-based solution; a diagnostics platform for fire performance compliance to evaluate building design for compliance with Approved Document B (ADB). The concept evolved after the Grenfell Tower fire disaster in 2017, which resulted in the deaths of 72 people. Since the tragedy, there have been significant changes regarding fire safety in the construction industry, including the introduction of the ‘Golden Thread’ from the government commissioned report from Dame Judith Hackett. The Fire-BIM platform is a solution to address fire safety issues in the construction industry.

The use of data within the BIM is the key element of how the Fire-BIM platform can diagnose if the elements of the design have passed, failed or are over specified, in relation to the guidance in ADB. The Fire-BIM platform compares the data within the BIM against the database of rules that have been developed from coding the guidance contained within ADB into the Fire-BIM diagnostic platform.

The resultant data from the diagnostics of the BIM are then presented as 2D plans within the BIM view to allow the user to see the exact location(s) of where the different elements have passed, failed or are over specified. An exportable report is currently being developed to provide the user with a list of elements that have failed or are over specified, to enable the resultant data to be used by the user.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Innovation–Fire-BIM is the product of the creation of innovative, specialist fire performance software, designed to test the compliance of BIM against the guidance in ADB. This intuitive digital software is groundbreaking and will reduce the risk of buildings not complying with fire regulations.
  2. Safety- There is an urgent need for an optimal approach for mitigating fire disasters. Fire-BIM represents an intelligent system of facilitating compliance with the Fire Safety guidance in ADB. This innovative digital software will drive change within the construction industry to improve fire safety and save lives in the event of a fire in a building.
  3. Collaboration- Fire-BIM epitomises the importance of successful collaboration and communication between different disciplines and the end user (client) to develop an innovative user-friendly product.