F Parkinson Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Why Should F Parkinson Ltd Be SME of the Year?

  • Resilience and Continuous Improvement
    To ensure resilience we have partnered with Manchester Metropolitan University and introduced a management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) into the business. Working collaboratively with academics, the KTP aims to future proof Parkinson and make our business scalable by embedding agile management capabilities across senior leadership and construction management teams.

    Key facts:

    • Project level KPIs implemented.
    • Introduced data dashboards at organisation and project level.
    • Project management interventions (including training and process re-engineering).
    • Introduction of agile communication and working methods


  • Commitment to Our People
    We encourage the involvement of our employees in decision-making and managing change through:

    • Employee health and wellbeing surveys
    • Employee suggestion box
    • Annual SWOT analysis
    • Project debriefs and toolbox talks.
      During 2022, 97% of employees agreed that the company values its employees and that they get guidance and support from management. We have a Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group alongside trained Mental Health First Aiders.

      Key facts:
    • All staff paid the Living Wage
    • 82% employee satisfaction score
    • Average training days per employee was 10 days per employee in 2022 this equated to £27,000 spent on training and development of staff.
    • All staff have completed Equality & Diversity and Modern Slavery training.


  • Investing in Communities
    Communities play an important part in all our business activities. Our aim is to leave a positive lasting legacy wherever our footprint lands and our dedicated team continue to work with community stakeholders to generate ideas and provide support to deliver improvement.

    Key facts:

      • £51,625 was spent on social value activities in 2022
      • Over £10,000has been donated to various charities over the last 3 years
      • 2428 staff hours were spent on community-related activities in 2020-2022


  • Supporting our Marketplace
    Our marketplace not only considers the sectors in which we work and our valued clients but also the partnerships that we foster with design teams, consultants and supply chain. Our supply chain is often an extension of what we do, and we rely on their expertise and commitment to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes.Key facts:

    • Signatories of the Government’s Prompt Payment Code
    • Regular Considerate Constructors scores of 40/50
    • 86% Sub-contractor satisfaction from 360o reviews


  • Protecting our Environment
    Environmental stewardship of our business operations ensures that we take responsibility for sustaining the natural environment which we all share. Taking front and centre stage within our Business Plan, we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint and published our plan to do so, encapsulating both strategic and project level initiatives.Key facts:

    • Zero Environmental incidence rate
    • Carbon Reduction Plan to be net zero by 2030.


  • Innovation/Digitalisation
    We have delivered numerous innovative projects during the past year including ‘The Workstack’. Working collaboratively with our client, design team and supply chain to implement sustainable building design and good practice, this BREEAM Excellent building comprised of a five-storey cantilevered building in sustainable cross laminated timber. This required ‘extensive’ research, development and digital modelling to ensure building compliance, which was undertaken as part of our delivery model. As a result of the above, in the last 3 years we have seen turnover increase by circa 28% and gross profit increase by well over 100% with H&S incidents recorded at zero.