Energy Transition- Effective Supply Chain Relationships

Constructing Excellence

On Friday 29th September, the third instalment of ECI and Constructing Excellence’s joint Energy Transition series took place. This session focused on Effective Supply Chain Relationships and involved discussion around 4 key questions:


  1. In the context of energy transition, what does the EC industry need and expect from the supply chain in the short and medium term?
  2. Has the EC industry, typically, fully utilised the expertise, experience and competencies available from the supply chain and if not, why not?
  3. In terms of expertise, experience and competencies, what is the “gap” between what the EC industry typically obtains from the supply chain and what is needed and expected for energy transition (and conventional) projects?
  4. What needs to happen (change) in order for the EC industry to obtain what it needs and expects from the supply chain, and can those expectations be expanded to maximise use of the expertise, experience and competencies available in the supply chain?


Below you will find some of the answers and suggested solutions that were explored during the call: