East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR)

Constructing Excellence

ELOR is a fantastic example of how new infrastructure improves local lives, well-being and the local economy and environment. The thoughtful design involves 75% green space, helping Leeds City Council’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2030, and providing a place for all via new parks, outdoor gyms, and cycle, pedestrian and equestrian routes.

It was delivered with zero defects, within budget and before the programme completion date in spite of COVID restrictions and increasing inflation. Over 1,100,000 hours were worked without any RIDDORs or LTIs. Leeds City Council provided a score of 10/10 on delivering commitments.

Specialist bridge designers, Knight Architects, were employed to work alongside Atkins, the strategic design partner, to help design a family of 6 bridges. The bridges, fundamental to the design, are integral bridges without bearings, which limits movement and saves Leeds City Council future maintenance costs and traffic disruptions.

Working collectively, all design and construction partners shared best practices from previous projects in order to improve the buildability of the scheme.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. The unique design of ELOR with it being 75% greenspace to 25% dual carriageway was a collaborative effort between Leeds City Council, the design partners and supply chain and promotes local initiatives of active travel, sustainability and connectivity.
  2. ELOR minimised environmental impacts and created a sustainable local economy by having 80% labour and 95% SMEs be within 40 miles while actively supporting 18 Graduates, Apprentices and Trainees and engaging 2,525 students.
  3. ELOR was completed early and on budget in spite of COVID-19, archaeology excavations and inflation while also having worked over 1.1 million hours with 2,300 people on site with zero LTIs and RIDDORs.