CW Champions Latest Top 10’s

Last year we launched our top 10 series with our top tips for achieving Collaborative Working. Many people found it a useful memory jogger and we received a number of requests to add a little more ‘flesh to the bones’ by including our thoughts on what makes each of these so important.

We have now relaunched the Top 10 Tips for Collaborative Working (Top 10 Tips for CW_Final) to include our thoughts and advice on what to focus on to improve the depth and therefore value of collaboration (attached). We hope you find it even more helpful.

We have also been looking through the “other end of the telescope” as you might say and thinking about the things that people and organisations do which almost appear designed to prevent Collaborative Working from getting up and running, never mind delivering superior value. We realised that despite people’s best efforts, sometimes this is can happen because embedded processes, procedures, custom and practice have a huge inertia which can make it very difficult to doing thing differently.  In addition people might just not be aware of the impact that relatively small departures can have in undermining culture especially when it’s new and fragile.

So we are also launching our Top 10 Ways to Kill Off Collaborative Working (Top 10 Ways to Kill Off Collaborative Working_Final). Not a helpful guide to stop CW in its tracks for those who prefer to live in the past, but (hopefully) a useful insight into the negative things that can happen even when people are doing things with the best of intentions.

Please read both and as always we look forward to any feedback, ideas and discussion these might raise.

Keep working collaboratively.

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Kevin Thomas

Chair Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions.