We are proud of our significant growth in recent years. Within the last 2 years we have opened 3 new offices in Cambridge, Glasgow and Dublin, to increase our total number of offices to 14. As part of this continuing growth, we have employed new staff and sought to achieve continuous improvement across the business. One of our biggest challenges is to deliver a consistent approach to our people development across this growing network of offices.

Training across numerous job roles and responsibilities cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. A bespoke solution has tailored the training outcomes to suit our target audience. This has been a challenging undertaking to ensure that the programme outcomes are linked and have shared outcomes across the wider business and people strategies.

To further ensure a consistent approach, we have expanded our Human Resource team to include a full-time Learning and Development Manager. This provides a dedicated resource to deliver the necessary workforce development that our industry requires.

The construction and property industry, has a number of inherent cultural and social issues. Most notably, there is an under representation of women in engineering and construction. We have taken a leading role within our sector, creating and delivering initiatives to educate, improve and realise change to overcome this challenge and share best practice with the wider industry.

All with the ultimate goal of achieving our vision of being a leader in our field and an employer of choice.