People Development: Cundall

Constructing Excellence

We understand that business is carried out by people, not organisations. Because of this, we invest heavily in leadership and staff development. This is driven by the need to equip our business with the agility and flexibility to respond to an ever-changing marketplace, but also to show our staff they are at the heart of who we are.

In 2016 Cundall celebrated 40 years of business and we wanted to be recognised as a great business for our clients and for our employees.
The former was realised with Cundall being named as the ‘Construction Consultancy of the Year’ at the Construction News Awards 2016 and the latter with Cundall receiving the ‘Top Company to Work for in Construction and Civil Engineering at The Job Crowd’s Top Companies Awards 2016.

With regards to the people category, the award was judged on business success and development, and the quality of work for clients which outperforms industry peers. Our award submission included projects, training and development, clear strategy and vision, innovation and stand-out employee performance.

We were delighted to be recognised as one of the best companies for graduates to work for in the UK based entirely on graduate employee feedback. The categories for scoring include work/life balance, environmental awareness and career progression.

In 2016 we have introduced two key initiatives relating to people development these being the ‘Cundall diploma’ and secondly the Cundall ‘Aspire’ program both of these initiatives, described in further detail below will benefit us long in to the future.