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Where members come to share the good the bad and ugly on all things innovative…

The built environment and construction industry face constant external and internal challenges that require a systemic approach to innovation to turn these challenges into opportunity. Innovation is vital to driving continuous improvement and to achieve our net zero ambitions, although it often suffers from hype with a lot of noise and a lack of implementation.

Consultation with our members has identified a space for CE members to come together with innovators and researchers to explore innovation and its wider context. To give opportunity for innovators and researchers to share and explore ideas, learn from each other and consider how the innovation can move to implementation.  Led by Ben Pritchard, Head of Innovation Management at Invennt, the Innovation Exchange will meet regularly, either online or through visits to inspiring innovative places and organisations, to jointly explore how to move from innovation to mainstream.

Why Not Join Us…

We’re kicking off with an online session led by the chair, Ben Pritchard, talking about the Innovation Management Process, which provides a framework for organisations to give their innovation purpose and direction. Invennt’s innovation management system provides this and has allowed them to create new services, new products and roll out a number of productivity improvements. This culminated in Invennt becoming the first SME in the construction industry to achieve the BSI kitemark for Innovation management.

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