Carney Consultancy Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Carney Consultancy is passionate about developing the skills of its employees. Our ethos has always been to recruit the right people for our business and then train them and develop their skills for the role they do. This creates a more motivated and sustainable team as they are fully invested in what we do, why we do it and have an understanding and appreciation of how they can help to develop other members of the team through mentoring.

Through our quarterly reviews with each member of the team we actively listen to their development requests, as well as, identifying potential areas of training through mentoring and supervision. Our team are very good at looking at trends within the industry, anticipating and listening to the needs of our customers, and assessing their own areas of personal skills development.

As a result, many of our team are involved in sector specific initiatives which the company has encouraged and supported. Our managing director has worked in the construction industry for over 32 years. Her passion for helping and developing the careers of young people within the trades echoes across Carney Consultancy.

Team members are mentored internally so that new starters have a key point of contact to learn from. We also encourage our team to develop their skill set by working in educational settings, here they are able to inform young people about the benefits of working within the trades.

We take a blended collaborative approach to how we train and develop our team, with formal learning, as well as coaching, mentoring and internal knowledge sharing sessions.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Through our commitment to training and investing time in our staff over the last 20 years, we have built a sustainable legacy of values, professionalism and a loyal skilled workforce who are known throughout the area for the high standard of work they carry out. We have an extremely low staff turnover–investing time in our team–senior positions held by people recruited and trained internally, with ongoing planned support for their new role.
  2. We provide free training for our local communities in areas of social deprivation via the Phoenix Detached Youth Project and for local charities through North East VODA and Dog & Cat Shelter.
  3. We actively champion training, apprenticeships and recruiting new talent into the construction industry through a number of initiatives i.e Future Female Leaders programme, Enterprise Advisors for Whitley Bay High School, working with other schools in the area e.g, Norham High School.