Ben Pritchard

Constructing Excellence

Ben is a firm believer that when done right, construction can do great things and enable economic and social value.

At Invennt, Ben supports our customers to identify what value means for them and how to unlock it, weather this be through operational improvement, strategic insights or revealing areas of innovation to claim R&D tax credits. Over the past 12 months Ben has been involved with a range of projects that have unlocked circa £5m for our clients and has demonstrated his leadership capability by playing a key role in our successful expansion into Canada.

As well as driving value in his day job, he looks to play an active role in improving the industries image and championing the uptake of new technologies to improve the outcomes created by industry. Including taking part in various industry forums, leading him to be selected by UK Construction Week as a Construction Role Model.

He has also contributed to a number of CE and industry reports on blockchain, improving productivity in nuclear, procurement and the future of the industry. His commitment to the industry shows no signs of slowing and in 2019 he will be joining a range of CLC led work streams aimed at improving the industry.