ARC Building Solutions Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Established in 2008, ARC Building Solutions Ltd is a family business, born and bred in Yorkshire. As a specialist manufacturer of cavity fire barriers and cavity closers, the company started out with just seven employees and now operates a 50-­plus-­strong team. Supplying some the most well-­known housebuilders in the country, ARC is continuing to go from strength to strength.

ARC manufactures products on a made-­to-­order basis and offers a 3-­5 days delivery promise. This approach means the demand for products can fluctuate, which presents ARC with the challenge of anticipating requirements, responding to customer orders and ensuring that there is enough staff available to produce the goods and dispatch them on time. When customers order, they are generally at the stage of the build where they need the products within 3-­5 days, therefore delivering within this timeframe is critical.

Relocating to a larger factory (just around the corner) in December 2019 marked a turning point for ARC.

The move has effectively doubled the capacity of the previous building, allowing for increased production and efficiency. The nature of the products produced are subject to industry regulations, requiring semi-skilled temporary and permanent workers who are manufacturing 24 hours a day split across three shifts.

The success of the company stems from the hard work and commitment of its employees and ARC takes great pride in looking after them – after all, it is the people behind the business that keep it ticking. ARC has made significant investment in aiding development and rewarding efforts, through numerous training schemes and reward systems. ARC has also invested in the workplace environment and welfare facilities to ensure that staff are looked after whilst they are at work. And through annual staff surveys, ARC receives regular feedback on what is currently working well and regularly puts into place new initiatives for the benefit of its employees.

Both prior to and following the factory move, major investments have been made in new machinery and equipment to aid productivity. System software such as MRP and CRM helps to streamline processes and ensure that the company is being as efficient as possible. ARC is always looking to engage with industry professionals such as ACAS, and Lean Awareness Training to ensure that employees are engaging with best practice across the business. With development and performance targets in place, ARC is always monitoring and managing performance to improve on its set goals.

Just as the business is nothing without its staff, it also cannot operate without the supply chain and developing relationships is key to ARC’s success. ARC takes a partnership approach with its customers and suppliers, as they are vital in helping to grow and develop the business together, and the company has collaborated with several parties to develop new product innovations that are changing the housebuilding market.

Key achievements

  • ARC offers the flexibility to cope with and adapt to customer demand by utilising the efficiency of its systems to plan production accordingly and adapt its workforce.
  • ARC has championed a collaborative working relationship with both suppliers and customers in order to improve its systems and processes and provide customers with improved products.
  • ARC has adopted best practice throughout the business to provide a safe and supportive environment for its staff, with reward and recognition a key part of the company’s success.