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Introductory guide to environmental sustainability

Published 01st March 2009 by

In 2007, the core members of Constructing Excellence carried out a review of futures reports to decide on priorities for new guidance for our members who remain committed to a collaborative future. Six themes emerged and task groups were established to review existing material and produce a guide to help members stay one step ahead:

  • Collaborative procurement
  • Collaborative cost reduction
  • Collaborative design management
  • Whole life costing and facilities management
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Better ways of working

This guide was produced by a task group of members and others, all of whom committed time and resources to support this work, they are duly acknowledged at the end of this publication. It was also peer reviewed at meetings of the full membership to ensure maximum relevance and coherence as a set of publications.

Introductory guide to environmental sustainability

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