Ron Edmondson talks about Constructing Excellence membership


At Constructing Excellence we think the best people to explain the benefits of membership are the members themselves. With this in mind, here is a video of Ron Edmondson, Managing Director of long standing members Waterloo Air Products, explaining what he and his organisation have gained by being involved with Constructing Excellence. Many thanks to Ron for […]

John O’Brien reflects on lessons from the Constructing Excellence Asset Group

LCMB asset management facilities management value infographic

How can organisations ensure they have productive, cost effective and sustainable buildings that work for them now and in the future? LCMB have been members of Constructing Excellence since our foundation in 2009 and support their aim to improve construction industry performance to produce a better built environment.  As part of our commitment to advancing […]

BIM4Champagne – a new initiative from John Lorimer


Everyone wants BIM case studies but coaxing them out of members is proving to be a real challenge. The BIM Theme Group has worked tirelessly to develop a simple proforma which can be used at all stages of a project or programme. The aim is to build a library of relevant and helpful examples. John Lorimer, […]

Nuclear Theme Group meeting 11th March


We had an interesting session at the Nuclear Theme Group meeting on 11 March, with a number of very informative presentations, followed by some lively discussion and debate. Our first speaker was Philip Isgar from Sunbeam Management Solutions on ‘Building Information Modelling & Data Management Nuclear Strategy – An alignment between Client and the Supply […]

Competitive tendering costs, is it worth it?


Competition in procurement can add value. Some may find that strange for a champion of collaboration to say, but that is to misunderstand what we at Constructing Excellence mean by collaboration. It does NOT mean no competition. It should mean intelligent healthy competition on the right measures of value, which is a positive force for […]

Qualifications in “Constructing Excellence”


This article sets out our thinking about Constructing Excellence qualifications. As the sector emerges from recession, the CE Vision work building on Construction 2025 recognises the need for major advances in the quality of people capable of leading and managing the delivery of best practice in the sector, from clients and supply side alike. We see […]

CW Champions Chairman’s Blog


We had a CW Champions meeting last Thursday with some very interesting presentations and discussions. We heard about Behaviours4Collaboration a developing initiative to identify, define and present a framework which can be used to monitor and develop collaborative capability in individuals. Then we heard about the successes of BS11000, the standard which certifies the collaborative […]

Alliancing, BS11000 and Behaviours4Collaboration

Alliancing Diagram

Behaviours4Collaboration At the London offices of multi-disciplinary consultant Pick Everard yesterday, the Collaborative Working Champions held their quarterly meeting, and the agenda stimulated a lot of conversation about collaborative behaviours. I talked to the group about the Behaviours4Collaboration group (see my December 2014 post), updating my presentation a bit to include an example page from […]

Green Construction Board – “Three Years On”

Green Constructing Board 3 years on event

The Green Construction Board launched their ‘Three Years On’ report yesterday at Ecobuild outlining the progress of the construction industry towards the green construction targets. For those of you that have not come across the Green Construction Board, it is the forum set up in 2011 by government and the UK design, construction, property and infrastructure industry […]

The new Constructing Excellence website is now live

new front page

As you may have already noticed our new website went live over the weekend. While there is still plenty of work to do, even in its current “beta” state it is still better than its predecessor, as good as that was at one point. In any case the plan is now to continuously improve the website […]