SmartSite KPIs – a new performance management and productivity tool from Constructing Excellence and BRE

Constructing Excellence

If you were at UK Construction Week you may have noticed the announcement of our new KPI and benchmarking tool, SmartSite KPIs. Modern technology lets us capture more data than ever about our projects, but it is important to know what information matters. Our new tool will combine the authority of Constructing Excellence’s tried and trusted construction KPIs, with the modern digital functionality of BRE’s SmartSite suite of performance management software.

What is it?

SmartSite KPIs is an online tool that lets you benchmark the performance of your projects against the rest of the construction industry using the established and nationally recognised Constructing Excellence Construction Industry KPIs. By measuring and comparing your project and organisational performance you can improve your productivity and demonstrate excellence.

Why would it benefit me?

  • Use established KPIs – The Constructing Excellence set of construction KPIs have been used for 20 years, and are recognised by government and industry
  • Improve productivity – Systematically improve your performance by measuring business critical success factors and comparing with others
  • Demonstrate excellence – Provide evidence that your projects and organisation perform highly when compared to the rest of the industry
  • Data Intelligence – Benchmark performance data from your projects and organisation using a modern digital tool and a recognised methodology

Priority access for Constructing Excellence members

While the tool will be available to the whole industry, we will be looking to the Constructing Excellence membership to drive this critical area of our agenda forward, and urge you to take the following actions:

  • Sign up as a beta tester. We are offering Constructing Excellence members first (and free) use of SmartSite KPIs. Please sign up to our beta testing programme to test the tool with your data.
  • Ask for a live demonstration via webinar.
  • Join our Performance Measurement Forum. We have lots of exciting ideas for how to further develop the tool and push forward our work in this area, and we want our members to drive that. Nominate one of your staff to join our Performance Measurement Forum who will provide strategic direction for this important part of our vision.

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