Avanti was a project from 2001-5, which became the basis of the BIM British Standard BS1192. In July 2006, the Avanti DTI Project documentation and brand ownership was transferred to Constructing Excellence. Avanti is an approach to collaborative working that enables construction project partners to work together effectively. The principles of collaborative working the Avanti way are … Continue reading “Avanti”

Best Practice Explorer Themes

This page provides all of the Business Improvement Themes available through the Constructing Excellence Gateway. Your Business Processes Benchmarking Benchmarking is a method of improving performance in a systematic and logical way by measuring and comparing your performance against others, and then using lessons learned from the best to make targeted improvements. It involves answering … Continue reading “Best Practice Explorer Themes”

Be Valuable – A guide to creating value in the built environment

‘Be Valuable’ was born from a workshop held by Be’s predecessor the Reading Construction Forum in 2002 on the subject of ‘Designing the Future’. Richard Saxon became a most articulate and convincing champion of ‘value’ and ‘integrated solution providers’ and carried the themes forward into Be. When nCRISP were looking for a champion to run … Continue reading “Be Valuable – A guide to creating value in the built environment”

Rethinking Construction in Local Government: ten key issues and how to address them

The LGTF has produced this suite of documents to help local authorities rise to the challenges they face as a result of the Government’s Public Sector Efficiency Review. The documents describe how to address the issues involved and how authorities can achieve the full benefits of the new way of working. The pack is aimed … Continue reading “Rethinking Construction in Local Government: ten key issues and how to address them”

Building Down Barriers Toolkit

Building Down Barriers Toolkit Objectives Listed below are those tools from the Building Down Barriers Toolkit which are cross-referenced by the Strategic Forum’s Integration Toolkit. These are made available free of charge as part of Constructing Excellence’s commitment to pan-industry change. Building Down Barriers Toolkit Description In late 1999 the then Design Build Foundation (now … Continue reading “Building Down Barriers Toolkit”

Rethinking Construction – The Egan Report

The report of the Construction Task Force to the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, on the scope for improving the quality and efficiency of UK construction. Rethinking Construction – The Egan Report