Key Industry Publications

Introduction Over the years, the construction industry has faced many calls for change. Clients have voiced concerns about the impact of inefficient processes and waste on their commercial performance. Health and safety has emerged as a major concern, and climate change and the need for buildings to be more environmentally friendly has challenged the industry to change once … Continue reading “Key Industry Publications”

Client Commitments

The Clients’ Charter allows construction industry clients to make a clear statement of their commitment to performance improvement. Participants measure their progress against an agreed programme with increasingly demanding targets. A complete review and feedback process took place during 2007/2008 which indicated that the Charter needed some development to improve its usability and robustness and … Continue reading “Client Commitments”

The SME’’s Quick Guide to Sustainability

Constructing Excellence has published “The SME’s Quick Guide to Sustainability”. The guide was written by the Constructing Excellence Sustainability Task Group as a simple way to create more understanding of the broader ideas of sustainable construction within SMEs. It is also intended to enable SMEs to engage with the sustainability agenda through construction, identify business … Continue reading “The SME’’s Quick Guide to Sustainability”

Principles to underpin infrastructure funding and finance

This short paper was produced by a task group of our national membership, which ranges from public and private sector clients of the construction industry to contractors, consultants and suppliers in the buildings and infrastructure markets. It formed part of our submission to the UK government’s 2011-12 consultation on the future of PFI. CE principles … Continue reading “Principles to underpin infrastructure funding and finance”

Innovation in infrastructure funding and finance

This report summarises key insights that emerged from discussions with two groups of subject-matter experts organised by the Centre for Infrastructure Development (CID) in November 2011: a) A dinner discussion on Global Project Finance with invited guest speaker and ‘provocateur’ Dr. Ryan Orr from Stanford University, also founder of Zanbato, a technology platform for the … Continue reading “Innovation in infrastructure funding and finance”

Infrastructure in the New Era

The current economic crisis has changed the landscape for all involved in the UK construction industry. No longer able to rely on a healthy economy for continuing prosperity companies have to rethink their approach to business and consider how they will survive the recession and maximise the opportunities as we emerge into a new economic … Continue reading “Infrastructure in the New Era”

Collaborative working: the principles

This guidance is based on learning from the best in design, construction and operation that clients, integrated project teams and supply chains have demonstrated on programmes and projects in the UK over the last 15 years. Collaborative working: the principles