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Respect for People Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Toolkit

Published 22nd October 2004 by Constructing Excellence

Construction needs to become more representative of the total labour available, to eliminate poor stereotypes and recruit and develop the best, most talented people

Equality and diversity are about acknowledging and appreciating all the ways in which people differ, not just the more obvious ones of gender, ethnicity, disability, and age, but also the less visible differences such as background, personality and work style.

Dealing with equality and diversity is a matter of good management and usually shows an active approach to health, safety, working environment and conditions. It is not a ‘bolt on extra’; it is the best indicator of management commitment to Respect for People.

This toolkit helps you to identify issues that need to be addressed and provides links to agencies and information that can help you respond to the challenge of managing equality and diversity. Anyone can use this toolkit but not all the questions will necessarily suit your circumstances.

Equality & Diversity is part of the Respect for People Toolkit and should be used with the complementary Worker Satisfaction and Working Environment toolkits in particular.

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