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Procurement (Client)

Published 13th February 2006 by Constructing Excellence

Clients needs are unique and each project has its own set of unique characteristics. This means that achieving the right project for the right price in the right time is a challenge.

Client will want to ensure that, as far as possible from the outset, they can achieve the solution they require within affordable cost and by an acceptable date in the future. This will be best achieved if the client seeks independent advice from the outset from an experienced construction professional who will not become part of the project team.

A successful outcome is achievable only where the complexity of the processes involved are recognised and addressed appropriately. The strategy adopted should identify and prioritise key project objectives, as well as reflecting aspects of risk, and establishing how the process will be managed.

Six key steps that a client should follow were identified in the 2002 review of the UK Construction Industry by the Strategic Forum – Accelerating Change. These were:

  • Verification of need
  • Assessment of options
  • Develop Procurement Strategy
  • Implement Procurement Strategy
  • Project Delivery
  • Post Project Review

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