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Constructing Excellence and BIM

Published 01st February 2011 by Constructing Excellence

In late 2009 the membership of Constructing Excellence identified five key strategic issues where there would be value in a better understanding for member companies and the wider industry. Task groups were formed to review each topic in a strategic way: Nuclear, Lean, Asset Management, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the Economy. In establishing a task group on BIM it is debatable whether any of us anticipated the rate at which BIM would subsequently come to the fore. We had seen that there were increasing numbers of conversations about BIM in the UK, and some good examples of its use on large projects, but there seemed to be little widespread use across the industry. As a subject BIM wasn‟t new to us. We had already begun work on a series of case studies (which were published in February 2010), and prior to that we led the Avanti project in 2001-5, which became the basis of British Standard BS1192, which was a BIM predecessor. So, at Constructing Excellence, we love BIM. You can’t use BIM without adopting integrated working. And we have 12 years‟ worth of evidence that shows that integrated working produces a better end result than traditional, sequential design-bidbuild too often procured using lowest price.


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