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The National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) is playing a unique role in leading the on-going adoption of best practice in local government. Building on the successes to date of the Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (IEPs), the NACF is working together with the Local Government Association (LGA) to help shape the future of the national procurement strategy – construction work stream.

NACF on Constructing Excellence:

The NACF has continuous improvement of construction at its core, and so sees membership of Constructing Excellence as a key vehicle to integrate its work with the wider industry. Local government construction work represents a huge proportion of national spend, and efficient, excellent projects are expected of hard pressed resources. The NACF exists to share best practice information and learning, and membership of Constructing Excellence will provide access to a much bigger library of knowledge.

The NACF has played a role in the development of the Government Construction Strategy, and the National Construction Category Strategy for Local Government and is keen to participate and input into future industry development.